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What is a BMR Calculator?

Welcome to one of the best BMR calculators you will find anywhere. What is BMR? BMR stands for basal metabolic rate and represents how many calories your body needs to perform basic life sustaining functions like:

  • Breathing
  • Nutrient Processing
  • Circulation
  • Cell Production
  • Fundamental Bodily Functions.

In other words, your BMR is a relatively accurate number that tells you what your metabolism burns without you moving or performing activity.

Although there is always an individual variance when it comes to calculating calorie burn, this calculator is about as accurate as you can get without getting tested in a lab.

How does the Calculator Work?

Our calculator uses a complex algorithm that figures out your BMR based on the information you enter. Fill it out and the number it gives you is a great estimate of your personal BMR.

You might be asking yourself, "How do I know if my metabolism is slow?" 

  • Your BMR is not fixed, it’s always adapting. Many people wonder if they can do something to change their own BMR. The short answer is YES. Why would anyone want to change their BMR? Because it’s an AUTOMATIC calorie burn versus the manual calorie burn that represents your movement and activity.  Increasing your automatic calorie burn, or BMR, is essentially SPEEDING UP your metabolism. Would you rather burn an additional 300 calories a day just living your life, or would you rather need to perform 45-60 minutes of strenuous exercise in order to burn the same 300 calories? The obvious answer is the former. Working on changing your BMR is one of the most effective ways to make fat loss easier and more permanent.

Ready to learn how?

The BMR Calculator

  • Weight
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • BMR

If you feel fully confident with starting on a healthy lifestyle with your calculated BMR then you are ready to go!! Congratulations!! 

If you want to learn more about how many calories your body needs,nutrition and how to make this work without performing activity keep reading. 

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How does BMR Relate to Muscle Gain and Fat Loss? 

A huge part of the fat burning and muscle building process is understanding how many calories to eat.  When you want to burn fat, you must consume LESS calories than you are burning. This is called a calorie deficit. Let’s say your body burns 2000 calories a day when you count your BMR and add in your activity. If you eat 2000 calories or more a day, it doesn’t matter what kind of workout you do or even the kinds of foods you eat, your body cannot burn body fat. It only does so when it needs to burn fat to make up the difference. In this scenario you would have to eat less than 2000 calories to see fat burn.

On the flip side, if your goal is to build muscle you must consume MORE calories than you are burning.  This is called a caloric surplus. Your body needs EXTRA calories above what it burns in order to build new muscle tissue.


Why Fat Loss Stalls

How to Get Back on the Fitness Wagon After a Hiatus

Knowing your BMR is crucial to your health and fitness ambitions. Working on changing your BMR (especially for fat loss), is a very important and effective strategy you should focus on in order to accomplish your goals. Now that you have your BMR number you are a big step closer to reaching the body and fitness goals you desire.


Key components of metabolism can be divided into four categories:

  • BMR: Basal metabolic rate. Energy expended at rest. 
  • TEF: Thermic effect of food. Calories burned from digestion, approximatley 10% of daily calorie burn. 
  • TEE: Thermic effect of exercise. Calories burned through exercise. Approximatley 5% of daily calorie burn. 
  • NEAT: Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. Calories burned through movement outside of exercise. (Fidgeting, walking around the house, etc.). Varies. Usually at least 15% of daily calorie burn.

The Bottom Line on BMR Calculators


The bottom line is knowing your BMR eliminates a huge part of the fat loss or muscle building formula.  

If you don't have a good starting BMR estimate you would be guessing what calories to start with.  This could add weeks or even months of unnecessary back and forth guessing and experimentation with calories and macros.  

Use your estimated BMR as your personal starting point to guide you towards your goals for faster and more consistent progress. 

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