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All of our partners offer you something that will help you achieve your fitness goals. We only partner with brands we believe in and that we know our followers will benefit from.

Why partner with us?

We only partner with companies that share the same values and integrity. We want to provide our customers with the best quality wellness products, nutrition, and fitness tools.

Build your business

New listeners every day that will be hearing about your brand for the first time.

Unlock new sales opportunities

Expand your customer base by leveraging a partnership with us.

Supplements & Health Foods

What you put into your body should be your number one priority when it comes to health & fitness. Our partners will provide you with everything you need.

Butcher Box

ButcherBox delivers 100% grass-fed beef, free range organic chicken and heritage breed pork directly to your door. Click the link or go to for our exclusive Mind Pump offer.

Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic is a superfood company founded by a group of Finnish friends. It is based on their belief that health can be vastly improved through simple dietary tweaks. Four Sigmatic is popularizing medicinal mushrooms by incorporating them in popular products like coffee and hot cocoa to help you relax, be well, energize and support productivity. Use code "mindpump" for a 10% off discount at checkout!


Go to and use code MINDPUMP for 20% off your first order (new customers) and double rewards points for existing customers.

Magic Spoon

Go to and use code MINDPUMP for FREE shipping and 100% happiness guaranteed (so if you're not a fan they'll refund you no questions asked).


The vitamins, the minerals, the antioxidants, the phytonutrients, it's all right there. We worked hard to make this the best-tasting superfood drink out there. ... Now you can look forward to drinking a glass of cool, refreshing Organifi juice each day. And the locked-in super-nutrients will take care of the rest. Be sure to use "mindpump" at checkout for 20% off.


Paleovalley 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks are the only beef sticks in the USA made from 100% grass fed/grass finished beef and organic spices that are naturally fermented. Go to for 15% off your first order!

Public Goods

Public Goods is the one-stop-shop for affordable, sustainable, healthy, household products — from home and personal care to premium pantry staples — all in one place. Receive $15 off your first Public Goods order with NO MINIMUM purchase. Just go to or use code MINDPUMP at checkout.


ZBiotics™ is the world’s first genetically engineered probiotic to break down a toxic byproduct of alochol called acetaldehyde. It was engineered by a team of PhD scientists who know three things: microbiology, miserable days after drinking, and how microbiology can help avoid miserable days after drinking. Go to for 10% off your first order.


LMNT is a tasty electrolyte drink mix with a science-backed ratio of electrolytes and no sugar, no coloring, no artificial ingredients, or any other junk. Go to to claim your free LMNT Sample Pack - you only cover the cost of shipping.

Super Coffee

Super Coffee is the healthy, delicious alternative to sugary coffee drinks like Starbucks Frapuccinos and other iced coffee and energy drinks. It's just as delicious but contains 0g sugar, 10g of protein, and less than 90 calories per bottle. Super Coffee is also available nation-wide in over 25,000 stores like Target, Whole Foods, Walmart, Kroger, and CVS, as well as

Serenity Kids

Serenity Kids makes children healthier by offering nutrient-dense foods that taste great to kids and are convenient for parents. They envision a thriving planet where children are fed, raised, and educated to be healthy, happy, creative human beings. For 20% off your first order use code MP20.


Olipop is a healthy alternative to soda. It is a deliciously fizzy tonic that combines the benefits of prebiotics, plant fiber, and botanicals to support your microbiome and benefit digestive health. Use code MINDPUMP for 15% off your first order.

LivOn Labs

LivOn Labs is the first dietary supplement company to use liposomal encapsulation technology to enhance absorption of critical nutrients. Liposomal supplements achieve maximum absorption in the bloodstream and cells by bypassing absorption barriers without relying on transport systems. Order a carton of any supplement from and get a free sample pack of all 6 supplements free.


We only partner with brands that prioritize optimal health & wellbeing.

Caldera + Lab

Go to and use code MINDPUMP for 20% off your first order of “The Good” serum.

Felix Gray

Our eyes aren't designed to stare at screens all day, every day. Felix Gray glasses filter blue light. Click the link or visit to shop (no discount code).


Vuori merges technical clothing with a west coast vibe that looks and fits great. Click the link or visit to receive 20% off your first order.


Go to and use code MINDPUMPMEDIA for 25% off your first order.

From You Flowers®

From You Flowers® offers a wide selection of floral and gift items appropriate for any occasion and every sentiment at the best price with same day delivery available. This includes fresh flowers, plants, balloons and gift baskets. Use code MP20 for 20% off your order.

Regenerative & Sports Medicine

Women and men, would you like to increase your energy and muscle, improve your sleep and sex drive, and decrease body fat? As the leading specialist in bHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) we have successfully treated over 35,000 men and women worldwide, in our Santa Monica office and via telemedicine, focusing on optimizing their health and quality of life using treatments based in science and proven in practice. Click here to take advantage of how Mind Pump and Regenerative teamed up.

Sleep Health

Getting good sleep is one of the most overlooked aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. All of our partners can assist you in achieving a better quality of life through restful sleep.


Chili's cooling sleep systems actively manage the body's temperature to help deliver magical deep sleep. Go to for an exclusive offer for Mind Pump listeners.


Professional-grade, full body red light therapy in the comfort of your own home, Joovv offers a unique solution to a myriad of problems. Go to to save $50 dollars on your first purchase using code MINDPUMP.


Explore Ned’s line of full spectrum hemp products, helping bring balance to your mind and body through the most honest and mindful methods. Click the link or go to and enter code MINDPUMP for 15% off your first order.

Music designed for the brain to enhance focus, relaxation, meditation, naps are sleep within 10 - 15 minutes of use. 20% off!

Workout Equipment

We only work with the best in the industry for workout equipment. Set up your dream home gym today.


PRx provides a unique solution to working out at home with limited space. Their patented design allows maximum equipment while using minimal space. A perfect buy for someone looking to workout at home who does not want to break the bank. Go to for 5% off.

Personal Training

If you want to become the best personal trainer possible, our partners are great resources to help guide you.


Go to for our latest offer for NCI classes, certications and more!