How To Get The Best BUTT In The Gym... In Less Than 90 Days

If you want a great shapely apple round butt... we've discovered the right way to get it done. The so-called "experts" said you can't do it. That you could never get a fantastic gluteus maximus this easily. But they are 100% wrong. Find out here, right now. Download our Free "Perfect Butt" Guide...

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What You Will Learn

This guide is a place to get you started in learning how muscular adaptation and triggering the right muscle response is the key to a great backside. One that is worthy of a backside selfie. It's all a matter of science and not luck...

How To "Trigger" The Butt Muscles For Growth

It is not uncommon to work your butt off only to get no action in your butt. This is all too often because you are not triggering the right adaptation signals.

How To Grow Your Butt & Not Your Thighs

Working out really hard and not getting the right muscles to grow is common. You want a nice butt, not bigger stronger thighs. Find out why this is a common problem.

How To Isolate The "Glutes" & Create That Apple Shape

If you don't know how to isolate the correct muscles in your gluteus maximus you are working and not seeing any results. Sound familar? Learn the right way.

Find Out How To Build A Great Butt - Video

Find out why it can sometimes be so difficult to work out your glutes and get that great backside you desire.

“Learning about muscle adaptation and how it works, taught me that I was working way too hard and triggering the wrong muscle response. I now understand how to work my Butt and not my hips and thighs. MAPS Aesthetic is a great system.”
— Carol Coleman

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