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Weighing the Benefits of Cardio vs. Resistance Training

By Darisse Kennedy on Nov 2, 2020 11:19:36 AM
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In order to look and feel your best you will need to include both cardio and resistance training in your life. Each type of movement has benefits that can impact multiple areas of your life. If you go into a typical gym, however, you will see that there are some people fully dedicated to cardio and others who focus solely on resistance training. Is one option better than the other? How do you choose the right training option for your goals? Learning about the benefits of each training method can help you determine where each one fits in your overall fitness plan.

Benefits of Cardio

There is not denying that there are benefits to getting up and moving around. The modern world has most people sitting for hours on end each day. This lack of movement is a big problem and can lead to a wide range of health issues. Increases your level of cardio throughout the day can provide important benefits to your health. Getting in the recommended number of steps and heart-rate increasing movement can help you keep your heart health on track. However, a heavy or exclusive focus on cardio can sent your body into survival mode and cause it to start holding onto calories by slowing down your metabolism. In order to maximize the benefits of cardio and avoid the negatives of overdoing it, you need to strike the right balance in your life and workout routine. Many people can get in the steps they need without overdoing it by focusing on Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis. NEAT is about fitting more movement into your daily life (as opposed to adding a focused cardio session to your workout) in order to get in the recommended amount of aerobic activity. This can look like taking an after lunch walk, choosing the stairs instead of the elevator, or meeting up with friends for a pickup game of basketball after work.

Benefits of Resistance Training

The benefits of resistance training are well documented. Resistance training can help improve functional mobility, strengthen your bones, increase your metabolism, provide hormone optimization, and help you lose weight. No matter what your overall fitness goals are, resistance training can provide results. Resistance training will help you maintain your health and ability to move as you age. It can improve your overall aesthetics by helping you build muscle and lose unwanted fat. Resistance training helps protect you against bone loss which is common among adults. Incorporating resistance training will also help balance important hormones in both men and women. You can decrease pain, protect against injury, lose weight, and make it easier to maintain your ideal weight by focusing the majority of your workout efforts on resistance training.

Best Training Option for Your Goals

You need to include both cardio and resistance training in your life in order to maintain optimal health. The primary focus of your workouts should be on resistance training because it impacts so many areas of your fitness and overall health. Throughout the rest of your life, you should also make sure you get a minimum level of NEAT movement to keep your cardiovascular health on track.

There are benefits to both cardio and resistance training. Resistance training will have a bigger impact overall because it affects some many different areas of your physical condition. Ultimately, a commitment to your personal fitness and overall health will involve both cardio and resistance training at the appropriate levels. If you are looking for a place to start, explore MAPS Anywhere and MAPS Starter – both will provide you with a solid foundation for your fitness goals.

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Darisse Kennedy

Darisse is a writer and educator who received her formal education in psychology and mental health counseling. Growing up, she was more of a bookworm than a gym rat, but she discovered strength training in adulthood. She learned the true value of strength training as she fought to lose the extra forty pounds that remained after having three kids. In the process, she discovered the significant impact that working out regularly had on her mood, mindset, and energy levels. Experiencing the benefits of exercise firsthand sparked her interest in the connection between movement and mental well-being – particularly in relation to women.

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