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Losing Weight After Having Your First Child – 3 Steps to Follow

By Darisse Kennedy on Jan 13, 2021 2:00:00 PM
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There are a number new experiences that come with being pregnant and giving birth for the first time. After giving birth, there are even more changes in your life. Many of these changes are positive but there are a few that are difficult – less sleep, more responsibility, mom guilt. While many of the changes are welcomed, there are some things that you want to go back to the way they were before. For many new moms, getting back to pre-pregnancy weight is an important goal. And, one that new moms want to accomplish quickly. If you want to get started on the process of losing weight after having your first child, keep reading for three steps that will help you accomplish that goal.

Start slow to account for the changes in your life and body

The basics of losing weight are the same no matter how you gained it in the first place. However, as a new mom, your body and life have undergone some major changes that you need to take into account. You may still have some hormones in your body from pregnancy/giving birth. These hormones can make you more prone to injury if you do not take their presence into account and adjust your workout. If you had a difficult birth, your body may still be healing from the process. It is also likely that you are getting less sleep than you need because there is a newborn in the house. You need to take these factors into consideration as you start your weight loss journey. Starting slow can help you avoid injury and move toward lasting results. The very first part of this step is to get approval from your doctor to resume a weight loss program. The second part of this step is to pay attention to your body and adjust your eating/workout intensity to prevent injury and exhaustion.

Get on an eating plan that is sustainable

During the time you were pregnant you likely made some changes to the number of calories you consumed each day. If you are nursing, some of those adjustments may need to remain until your milk supply is established and you feel comfortable adjusting your caloric intake. In order to lose weight and keep it off, you need to focus on finding an eating plan that is sustainable. Your life is busier than it was before so your previous way of eating may not be the best option now. Finding something that you can do long-term is key to lasting success. The good news is that there are options available. Mind Pump Media has an Intuitive Nutrition Guide that can walk you through the process of finding an eating plan that will provide results and fit in with your lifestyle.

Choose a workout plan that focuses on resistance training

Losing weight involves creating a calorie deficit. You can do this by reducing the number of calories you take in and by burning calories through physical activity. Some types of activity will provide you with a quick calorie burn while others will change the composition of your body in a way that helps you to burn calories throughout the day. The way to get sustainable results is to increase the calories you burn each day, even at rest. In order to do that, you need to focus your workout efforts on resistance training. Building muscle through resistance training will increase the number of calories you burn day in and day out. The positive impact of resistance training continues even after you are finished with your workout. Choosing a workout plan that focuses on resistance training is an important step if you are trying to lose weight after having your first child.

With a new baby, there is not a lot of space in your life for a complicated weight loss plan. Fortunately, you can start moving toward your goal of losing weight after having your first child by following three straightforward steps. It is possible to lose the weight after having a baby. The right plan will help you reach your goals quickly and provide sustainable options. Take a look at the Fit Mom Bundle to find all the resources you need to get started.

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Darisse Kennedy

Darisse is a writer and educator who received her formal education in psychology and mental health counseling. Growing up, she was more of a bookworm than a gym rat, but she discovered strength training in adulthood. She learned the true value of strength training as she fought to lose the extra forty pounds that remained after having three kids. In the process, she discovered the significant impact that working out regularly had on her mood, mindset, and energy levels. Experiencing the benefits of exercise firsthand sparked her interest in the connection between movement and mental well-being – particularly in relation to women.

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