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Getting Back into Your Fitness Routine After Having a Baby

By Darisse Kennedy on Oct 15, 2021 8:00:00 AM
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To say that life changes after having a baby is quite an understatement. In fact, for many new parents, it is difficult to fully grasp what life was like before your bundle of joy arrived on the scene. Many of the changes are welcomed and wonderful. However, most new moms want to leave behind the physical changes from pregnancy as quickly as possible. If you are ready to get back to your pre-pregnancy physique, it is important to jump back into your fitness routine. Getting in your workouts after having a baby can be a challenge but you can make it happen with the right mindset and a little bit of help.

Remember that you will have to be more flexible with timing

The most important thing to remember as you get back into your fitness routine after having a baby is that you will have to be more flexible with timing than you were before. Your new baby is likely dictating much of your schedule at this point. Over time, you will establish a routine that is fairly predictable. In the beginning, however, you will need to be flexible when it comes to getting in your workouts. If your baby has a difficult night and barely sleeps, you may not be up for a 5 am workout. Some moms decide to schedule workouts around nap time. There is no one size fits all solution to finding time for your workouts but every new mom will need to be flexible in order to find time for fitness after baby.

Recruit the help of a friend or loved one

You may need to rely on others a little more after having a baby if you want to get back into your fitness routine. This may mean recruiting and family member or friend to help with the baby while you get in a workout. Fortunately, there are often loved ones who are eager to help when it involves snuggling with a baby.

Listen to your body

An important tip to remember as you get back into your fitness routine after having a baby is to listen to your body. Your body may still be going through some changes after pregnancy. Take your time ramping back up to your pre-pregnancy routine. Listen to your body! The last thing you need is to get injured during a workout while having a newborn to care for. You will get back to where you were before. Give yourself enough time to adjust to any changes that may impact your physical ability in the gym.

Choose a workout program that will provide proven results

It is important to choose a workout program that will provide proven results. There are few things more frustrating than being committed to a workout routine that does not provide results. Look at programs that use resistance training as the foundation of the program. Resistance training will help you get your pre-pregnancy body back and make it much easier to maintain your results.

It may take a little time to get back into the swing of working out after you have a baby. With the right attitude, a little help, and a quality workout program you will be able to make progress. Check out the workout programs available from MAPS Fitness. There are options customized to meet the unique needs of new moms while still offering excellent results.

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Darisse Kennedy

Darisse is a writer and educator who received her formal education in psychology and mental health counseling. Growing up, she was more of a bookworm than a gym rat, but she discovered strength training in adulthood. She learned the true value of strength training as she fought to lose the extra forty pounds that remained after having three kids. In the process, she discovered the significant impact that working out regularly had on her mood, mindset, and energy levels. Experiencing the benefits of exercise firsthand sparked her interest in the connection between movement and mental well-being – particularly in relation to women.

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