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Is Resistance Training the Best Way to Lose Weight for Women?

By Darisse Kennedy on Jul 23, 2020 9:04:36 AM
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The sheer amount of information online about working out can make it feel impossible to choose the option that is best for you. You can spend a lot of time searching through the various options and trying out the latest fads. Or, you can focus on getting your information from a reliable source and choose a workout program with a long and proven history. If you are a woman on a weight loss journey, the best type of workout to help you lose weight (and keep it off) is resistance training.

What is resistance training?

Resistance training is any type of exercise that builds muscle by using resistance. The resistance can come from using free weights such as dumbbells, weight machines, or even just your body weight. Another term that is commonly used to describe resistance training is weight training. No matter what phrase you use, the goal is to build muscle.

How does resistance training help with weight loss?

Building muscle through resistance training sounds good, but how does that help with weight loss? Many women focus on cardio when they want to lose weight. The quick calorie burn that comes from cardio is attractive to anyone who is trying to create a calorie deficit and lose weight. When you do cardiovascular based workouts the caloric burn you get from the workout stops relatively quickly after you stop. When you engage in resistance training you will not get the same level of calorie burn in the gym. However, when you leave the gym, your body will continue to burn calories for an extended period of time thanks to your resistance training. And, as you build muscle over time, that muscle will burn more calories around the clock. Over the long term, building muscle through resistance training will help you lose weight and keep it off.

Will resistance training make me bulky?

Some women are afraid of resistance training because they believe that lifting weights will make them bulky. If you are concerned about getting bulky, there is no reason to worry. Women who have extremely large and defined muscles put a lot of effort into looking that way. The reality is that the female body is not designed to build muscle in the same way as the male body. Your hormones and genetics will naturally limit how much muscle you can build without using muscle-building supplements. Adding resistance training to your workout routine will help reshape your body, but the vast majority of women will never come close to looking bulky because of resistance training.  

If you are new to resistance training it may feel like you have a lot to learn. Fortunately, resistance training does not have to be complicated in order to be successful. Start with a basic program like MAPS Starter which is designed specifically for the beginner who has little to no experience with resistance training or who hasn’t trained consistently for a few years. This program will help you increase your strength, build muscle, lose weight, and improve your overall health. It includes videos that demonstrate each exercise in detail so you can work out with confidence.

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Darisse Kennedy

Darisse is a writer and educator who received her formal education in psychology and mental health counseling. Growing up, she was more of a bookworm than a gym rat, but she discovered strength training in adulthood. She learned the true value of strength training as she fought to lose the extra forty pounds that remained after having three kids. In the process, she discovered the significant impact that working out regularly had on her mood, mindset, and energy levels. Experiencing the benefits of exercise firsthand sparked her interest in the connection between movement and mental well-being – particularly in relation to women.

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