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How Quickly Can I Resume Resistance Training after Having a Baby?

By Darisse Kennedy on Jun 17, 2021 9:00:00 AM
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Your baby is here and everyone is settled in at home. It’s a beautiful place to be! It is a relief to get to the point in your journey when you can start thinking about what your life will look like going forward. There is more to think about when you add a new human to your life but you likely have some of the same goals for yourself that you had before you gave birth. If fitness was a priority in your life before and during pregnancy, you may be itching to get back into a resistance training routine. It is important to have goals for your physical fitness after having a baby. However, it can be difficult to figure out when it is okay to resume resistance training after having a baby. As you start to consider getting back into a workout routine, be sure and listen to your doctor, listen to your body, and take it slow when you do begin.

Listen to your doctor

The very first thing you should consider before you resume resistance training after having a baby is the advice of your doctor. Your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. After giving birth, there are parts of your body that need time to heal before you can resume your previous activities. You may feel good but your doctor has the experience to know how much time you need to recover. If you had a natural birth without complications, you may be able to resume resistance training after a few weeks of recovery. Every situation is different – talk with your doctor about your situation to find out when it will be safe to resume resistance training.

Listen to your body

It is important to consider what your doctor has to say as you think about resuming a resistance training routine after giving birth. You also need to listen to your body. If you do not feel ready to jump into a full-fledged resistance training plan – even after your doctor gives you the all-clear – listen to your body. You may need a little extra time to rest and heal. It is okay to give yourself more time if you need it.

Ease back into your resistance training routine

Take some time to ease back into your resistance training routine once you are ready. When you are focused on your goals and excited about getting back into a routine, it can be tempting to go all out from the beginning. Resist that temptation! Treat yourself like a beginner the first week or two after you resume resistance training. Easing into your resistance program will allow you to assess how your body handles being back in your routine.

You will be able to get back to your resistance training routine after you have a baby. You will be able to lose the baby weight and continue to build muscle. It is not a question of if you will be able to do those things, it’s a question of when. Listening to your doctor, listening to your body, and easing back into your resistance training routine are all steps designed to protect you from injury.

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Darisse Kennedy

Darisse is a writer and educator who received her formal education in psychology and mental health counseling. Growing up, she was more of a bookworm than a gym rat, but she discovered strength training in adulthood. She learned the true value of strength training as she fought to lose the extra forty pounds that remained after having three kids. In the process, she discovered the significant impact that working out regularly had on her mood, mindset, and energy levels. Experiencing the benefits of exercise firsthand sparked her interest in the connection between movement and mental well-being – particularly in relation to women.

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