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Do What You Love and it All Works Out

By Simone Krame on Jan 25, 2018 2:58:00 AM
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While some New Year’s goals may involve making small day-to-day changes, sometimes a “fresh start” inspires us to re-evaluate our entire life’s plan and purpose. Not too long ago, this was the case for me regarding my professional path. As I continue this new year with a (fairly) new career and reflect on what brought me to this point, I have one message I wish to share from my journey: do what you love, and it all works out.

There have been two pivotal moments thus far in my professional life that have shown me that pursuing my passions works out in the end. Before my career really even got started, I was confronted with a major decision about the path that I would follow. I had studied Finance and was presented with a very lucrative job offer from a big investment bank shortly before from graduating college. While the offer was seemingly exciting and “everything I wanted,” there was something missing. In my mind I wanted to pursue a career in Finance because I would make a lot of money, but in my heart I desired to do something that I was passionate about, and that would make a difference for others in some way. So, I decided to turn down that job offer, and trusted that if I actively pursued my passions, the answers would be provided.

While meditating on this decision, it came to me that I needed to contact the founder of Canyon Ranch, a premier health and wellness resort. Once I made the choice to follow my heart, it was as if fate was helping to push me in the right direction and affirming my decision: I fortuitously stumbled upon the owner of Canyon Ranch’s personal email address and reached out! What resulted from following my intuition was a mentorship, a fulfilling career, and one of the most transformative experiences of my life.

After three wonderful years of learning and growing at Canyon Ranch, I felt in my heart that it was time for the next chapter. I was ready to share my passion and knowledge in a new capacity, by working one-on-one with clients as a Lifestyle Coach. So, a year and a half ago I respectfully transitioned out of my role at Canyon Ranch and took a leap of faith: I opened my own business. There was, of course, some uncertainty and risk involved with this decision, but I led with my heart and once again trusted that it would all work out. And so far, it has been amazing! I am excited to work each day, and love that I am able to share my passion for health and wellness with others.

So, what is the key to following your passions? Doing what you love requires putting in effort, being smart, and changing your perspective.

Put in Effort

It is important that when making important life decisions your choices are both grounded in reality, and made with intention and effort. With the spiritual approach of “trusting the Universe” (which I believe in), it is easy to idly sit back and wait for the signs to come. However, to make your dreams a reality, you can’t expect that things will come to you just because you believe they will--you need to take an active approach in making them happen. For me, that meant extensively researching the health and wellness industry before deciding to pass on a career in Finance. When I put in the effort, the Universe provided back to me.

Be Smart

It’s also important to recognize the difference between taking a chance on yourself, and having ideas of grandeur or being reckless. Sometimes people do take a total gamble, but to make a change that is sustainable, it usually requires proper planning and research. Take the time to invest in yourself!

Change Your Perspective

There are always a million reasons not to go after your dreams--it’s scary, it’s too risky, it’s not realistic… and the voice inside your head can go on and on. If you want to do what you love, there’s many different ways to make it happen, you may just have to get a bit creative! And, it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing decision--you can make small adjustments over time. For example, I continued to work at Canyon Ranch while I was starting to develop my business on the side, instead of quitting right away with no plan. If you truly want to do what you love, you will make it work one way or another.

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Simone Krame

Simone Krame is a lifestyle coach and founder of Conscious Living & Lifestyle, a lifestyle coaching business that helps people achieve their fitness, nutrition, and spiritual/emotional goals by creating a synergistic relationship between mind, body, and soul. This is what Simone refers to as Conscious Health. At the core of Simone’s approach is the belief that we must explore our inner landscape in order for sustainable, outer changes to occur. Simone works with clients all over the United States providing 1:1 coaching as well as community and corporate lectures and workshops on fitness, nutrition, and spirituality. Her mission is to empower people to live life to their greatest potential.

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