MAPS Performance

Look, Move & Perform Like An Ancient Athlete

Poor programming pervades the fitness industry. Workouts thrown together with no understanding of how the body adapts and progresses is the norm. The results: Hardworking and frustrated people who can't figure out why they are not progressing, or even worse, why they keep getting injured.

MAPS Performance corrects this massive flaw by clearly mapping out thoughtful and elegant programming that produces results and builds the body instead of just breaking it down.

What is MAPS Performance?

MAPS Performance is a performance-based, four phase program that focuses on building on the Four Pillars of Performance to build a well put-together, symmetrical, powerful and functional body.

•Raw Strength (Phase I)

•Reactive Strength (Phase II)

•Explosive Strength (Phase III)

•Strength Durability (Phase IV)

Each phase lasts 2-3 weeks and is designed to maximize the target adaptation. For example, Raw Strength exercises are not thrown together with Reactive Strength exercises. 

MAPS Performance Foundational Workouts are performed 3 days each week. Detailed workout Blueprints are included that map out the exercises, the intensity, the set and rep range, rest between sets and everything you need to successfully maximize the phase that you are in. An extensive video library supports your workouts with demonstrations of every exercise included in the blueprint.

The Blueprints also include Mobility Sessions to be completed on your non-Foundational Workout days. Mobility Sessions are designed to improve flexibility and to amplify the benefits that you will experience from your Foundational Workouts. Detailed Mobility Sessions are included in your Blueprints and each Mobility exercise has a demonstration video designed to make sure you are using proper technique. 

MAPS Performance integrates seamlessly with MAPS Anabolic (and can also act as a standalone program), and walks you through the steps to becoming more symmetrical, powerful and functional.

Here is what you get:

  • Private access to the MAPS Performance membership portal

  • 4 Phase Blueprints designed to maximize the 4 Pillars of Performance with both Foundational & Mobility Workouts

  • 110 videos with demonstrations of all exercises and detailed explanations

  • Bonus: Stick mobility MAPS Mod ($50 Value!)

  • Lifetime access

  • Available worldwide on any Internet connect device

  • 100%, 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee


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