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Understanding Mood, Stress and Sleep

The prevalence of mood, stress, and sleep challenges is steadily increasing in America. While each of these issues can manifest individually, they are often intertwined: stress can disrupt sleep and mood, mood disturbances can exacerbate stress and sleep problems, and sleep disruptions can contribute to both stress and mood issues. In this comprehensive guide, we break everything down so you can understand why you are experiencing these issues and how to resolve them.

This guide was created in collaboration with our partner - EquiLife.

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Understanding Mood Stress and Sleep

Don't let stress and sleep disturbances cause you problems!

Learn how to implement lifestyle changes to improve your mood, sleep patterns and more.

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How Stress Works

Learn how stress works in the brain and central nervous system.

Correlation Between Stress & Mood Disorders

Understand how stress and mood disorders like anxiety and depression are correlated.

Tips for Lowering Stress & Improving Sleep

Get the best tips and advice to lower your stress levels and improve sleep patterns.