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Understanding Gut Health and Digestion

The gastrointestinal system comprises a complex network of organs, including the mouth, stomach, esophagus, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, colon, small intestine, and rectum. Working in harmony, these organs regulate food intake, digestion, and waste elimination. Within the gut resides the microbiome, a vast ecosystem of trillions of bacteria and yeast. The diversity of bacterial species within the microbiome plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health. Research indicates that individuals with a more diverse microbiome tend to experience better health outcomes. In this guide, we break down everything you need to know in layman's terms so you understand the importance of your gut health.

This guide was created in collaboration with our partner - EquiLife.

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Understanding Gut Health & Digestion

Why Your Gut Health Matters!

Although gut health may seem complex, understanding how to implement lifestyle changes to improve your gut and digestion is simple.

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Common Gut Problems

While there are a variety of underlying gut problems, there are a few conditions that are more prevalent than others.

Factors That Contribute to Poor (or Good) Gut Health

We go over everything that contributes to your overall gut health.

How to Assess Your Gut Health

Ok, so you want to find out what your gut health looks like? We walk you through it.