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How to Pack on Muscle if You Have Been Skinny Your Whole Life

You eat tons of calories. You hammer yourself in the gym. You wake up in the middle of the night to get an extra protein shake in. All you want to do is build muscle, but frustratingly NOTHING seems to work for you. If this is you, it is time to download our 'Hardgainer Guide' to learn what you have been doing wrong your whole life and how to correct it. You will learn how to properly train, what your nutrition regime should be, and all of the other factors that will lead to REAL results so you can start gaining the muscle you have always wanted.

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Hardgainer Guide | Mind Pump Media

Being a "hardgainer" can be extremely frustrating

In this guide you will learn everything you need to know so you start seeing results. We cover all topics: training, nutrition, supplements, sleep, and more.

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Learn how to start packing on muscle immediately.

Hardgainer Guide | Mind Pump

The Hardgainer Plan

In order to start building muscle, you need to have a detailed plan in place.

Hardgainer Guide | Mind Pump

Resistance Training

You will learn what exercises you need to be doing and how to properly program your workouts.

Hardgainer Guide | Mind Pump

Nutrition for Ectomorphs

Nutrition is probably the most important part for hardgainers. Learn how to feed your body for optimal muscle gain.