Typically associated with strength and performance, kettlebells can, in fact, offer benefits that dumbbells can't for building muscle and shaping your body.

Enter KB4A, Kettlebells 4 Aesthetics, the first complete workout program designed with sculpting the body in mind. 

By adding KB4A in conjunction with your current muscle building routine, you will stimulate muscle adaptation and growth in new ways while simultaneously improving mobility and overall performance.

Included in the KB4A program...

  • Complete workout blueprints with 3 Foundational Workouts and 5 Skills Workouts
  • 40+ demonstration videos with explanations
  • 8 Skills videos with detailed instruction featuring Mike Selemi, Kettlebell Master of Sport
  • 30 Day full money back guarantee

NOTE: KB4A is included in MAPS Aesthetic, The Sexy Athlete Bundle, The Build Your Butt Bundle, The RGB Bundle and The MAPS Super Bundle


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