Sexy Athlete Bundle

Get an awesome looking and finely tuned body by combining MAPS Performance (Green) and MAPS Aesthetic (Black) PLUS the Sexy Athlete Mod for the best of the world of performance and aesthetics. 

MAPS Performance and MAPS Aesthetic are stand alone programs that will change how your body moves and looks. However, once you have gone through the programs or are looking for the best of both worlds, combine the two! We now offer a discounted MAPS Performance and MAPS Aesthetic Bundle that includes the Sexy Athlete Mod which tells you exactly what you must do to fuse the two programs.


Here is what you get:

MAPS Performance

  • Private access to the MAPS Performance membership portal

  • 4 Phase Blueprints designed to maximize the 4 Pillars of Performance with both Foundational & Mobility Workouts

  • 110 videos with demonstrations of all exercises and detailed explanations

  • Bonus: Stick mobility MAPS Mod ($50 Value!)

  • Lifetime access

  • Available worldwide on any Internet connect device

MAPS Aesthetic

  • Complete full-body muscle building system & private membership portal designed to "sculpt" your body for maximum aesthetic appeal
  • 3 Phase Workout Blueprints
  • Over 80 videos with demonstrations
  • Includes proprietary MAPS Focus Session workouts
  • Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Available worldwide on any Internet connected device

100%, 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee!


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