Show Notes Ep. 982 - Improving Digital Wellness with Tommy Sobel

  • How he aimed to make science cool again. His background and humble beginnings. (4:02)
  • Is Hollywood freaking out over these YouTube stars and are movie theaters a thing of the past? (10:12)
  • What has he seen since leaving the studio industry? (12:25)
  • What brought him to what he is doing now? (15:21)
  • Will technology become an all or nothing thing? (17:52)
  • What does he potentially see from kids using tech at early ages? (21:51)
  • The movement and mission behind Brick. (23:37)
  • Why you must structure your life to create a world of ‘Digital Wellness’. (30:32)
  • Why most people feel they do not have a problem. (34:30)
  • Does he feel depressed people are more likely to use their phone or is his finding that screen time usage is actually contributing to the issue of depression or anxiety? (38:50)
  • How will he breakthrough with the current generation of kids today who are born into tech? (43:11)
  • What are some of the practices Brick teaches at their events? His 5 step process. (48:11)
  • Are there any parameters to where you can track your ‘Brick’ time? (1:04:50)
  • What are the steps someone can do to get involved? (1:07:45)
  • The NEED to find balance/structure in our lives. (1:10:19)
  • What feedback has he gotten from people that have attended his events? (1:18:35)
  • Why the underestimated mind is the most creative one. (1:19:30)
  • What is in the pipeline for Brick? (1:24:15)
  • How does he support himself financially? (1:24:56)
  • Does he see expansion for the future of the company? (1:27:55)

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