Show Notes Ep. 960 - Mark Bell

  • In his experience, what are the benefits that come along with age? (3:07)
  • How different is the skill of building mass for bodybuilding than powerlifting? (10:00)
  • What lead him to hire Hany Rambod? Did he do everything he told him to? (13:40)
  • How was he able to run his gym while getting ready for his show? (19:43)
  • When did he start making money? How did he figure out how to survive? (23:15)
  • Where does survival mentally come from? (31:46)
  • Is he more aware of the environment he is raising his own kids in? (36:43)
  • Does he remember his first business failure? (38:05)
  • His connection to ‘pro wrestling’ and how he met John Cena. (41:35)
  • From what he learned from pro wrestling, has that transferred into his success in new media? (48:12)
  • Did he battle with addiction during the ‘steroid era’? (51:17)
  • Does he remember what is first cycle was? Was it a love affair from day 1? (55:50)
  • Has he thought about the ‘going on gear’ conversation with his own kids? (1:00:35)
  • What is his opinion on SARMS? (1:02:11)
  • What made him think about getting into the podcast space? What has the journey been like for him? (1:05:42)
  • What did he learn from his relationship with his former co-host? (1:12:43)
  • How did his fans react with the podcast change? Was there any push back? (1:18:43)
  • The guys reminisce over their first interview with Mark. (1:20:28)
  • What have his kids taught him about himself? (1:24:25)
  • Are his kid’s naturals when it comes to sports? Have any interest in competition? (1:27:40)
  • Has his son expressed any interest in lifting weights? (1:35:00)
  • What is something specific he has been working on HIMSELF? (1:38:09)
  • Is social media enhancing or hurting what he is doing? (1:45:04)
  • What is in store in the future for himself and his companies? (1:48:40)

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