Show Notes Ep. 957 - Fyre Festival- The Story Netflix did Not Tell with Marc Weinstein

  • What Marc does for a living, his background and how he connected with Mind Pump? (2:06)
  • What are some of the most profitable music festivals and the challenges you would face starting one? (8:50)
  • Did he know what he was getting into when he switched from finance to event production? (14:50)
  • How he ‘fell’ into the music industry. (18:09)
  • Why the events industry is always a mess and the need to just ‘figure it out’. (21:10)
  • How did he meet Billy McFarland and the founders of the Fyre Festival? (23:45)
  • How did he deal with the coordination and stress of trying to accommodate the festival guests? (38:40)
  • What were the conversations like with the other members of the production team while this debacle was going on? (42:37)
  • Was there a thought process to postpone? (45:27)
  • How did he coordinate the festival guests off the island and when did he discover that Billy had committed wire fraud? (48:40)
  • Was he afraid at any point the locals would get violent? (52:50)
  • Who owns the footage from the documentary? Are we contributing to this sociopath? (53:48)
  • How Fyre is just a microcosm of how social media portrays our lives. (58:55)
  • What is the aftermath from this? (1:01:23)
  • Does he find it cathartic to talk about it? Make amends with GoFundMe pages? How we could use social media for good. (1:03:40)
  • How does he feel he has evolved from this? His take on the social media revolution. (1:09:00)
  • Does he see an advantage of events like Burning Man unplugging from technology? (1:17:00)
  • What practices does he implement to cope with social media addiction? (1:18:37)
  • What is he currently pursuing? (1:20:57)

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