Show Notes Ep. 950 - The Best Muscle Building & Fat Loss Exercises

  • What was the first ‘T.O’ the guys got in sales? + Valuing the art and skill of effective communication. (1:38)
  • Why being HONEST is a lost attribute. (18:30)
  • Understanding the benefits/value of isolation vs. compound movements. The differences, why one person would gain from each & MORE. (19:19)
  • The myths behind muscle activation in certain exercises. (27:08)
  • How the rules don’t always apply. (31:12)
  • Why all exercises are not created equal + the significance of mastering a skill. (33:45)
  • The BEST lifts for building muscle and burning body fat, the CORRECT order of operations when it comes to your workout & MORE. (43:20)

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