Show Notes Ep. 947 - Dr. Michael Ruscio on Thyroid

  • Measuring the success of live events and the value of ones like #PodcastHard. (5:11)
  • The potential for Mind Pump & Friends Tour. (8:11)
  • Getting the best bang for your buck, right dose when it comes to red light therapy and products like Joovv. (9:08)
  • Is he finding that there are more zealots in the space? (14:45)
  • The propensity to make things more complicated than they have to be. Why you should always cross reference with a clinician. (17:35)**
  • The misdiagnosed epidemic of hyperthyroidism. (18:50)
  • Does this group benefit from taking the medication that gets prescribed? (27:30)
  • What does a low FODMAP diet look like? (31:35)
  • Why the majority of hyperthyroidism is diagnosed as thyroid autoimmunity. (32:30)
  • What do thyroid autoimmunity symptoms look like and how to go about treating it? (34:15)
  • What are the connections with thyroid and progesterone? (40:56)
  • Is there a negative feedback loop when you're on thyroid hormones? (43:13)
  • Is there any evidence to show your thyroid may be normal but you have low receptor density? (46:23)
  • Does he have cases where someone has hyperthyroidism and fixing their gut issue solves the problem? (49:12)
  • Are there potential dangers with taking thyroid hormones when you haven’t been properly diagnosed? (50:29)
  • How dangerous can this be for a competitor doing this? (54:20)
  • What has the feedback been from his space on this subject? (57:22)
  • Thyroid antibodies and their importance in the grand scheme of things. (1:03:50)
  • Is hyperthyroidism a death sentence or can you reverse it? (1:09:19)
  • How is Hashimoto's disease diagnosed? (1:11:25)

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