Show Notes Ep. 945 - The Best Rest Periods for Muscle Gain & Fat Loss

  • Is ‘competitive sleep’ a thing? The power of your mental state and not always fixating on measurable tools. (2:18)
  • Mind Pump: The Whistle blowers of the Fitness Industry. The importance of how you SAY things and COMMUNICATE them. (9:40)
  • Adam gets in a ‘tiff’, over social media, with a trainer about a ‘Jefferson Curl’. The ‘elitist’ attitude fitness professionals have in the space, the risk vs. reward of an exercise & MORE. (14:49)
  • The most under-modified variable: The significance of rest periods. (26:35)
  • The BEST rest periods for muscle gain & fat loss. (35:55)
  • How often do you recommend someone phase their rest periods? (38:15)
  • The art of perfecting the skill and not throwing fatigue on it. (44:13)
  • For the competitor, how much of an impact does varying your rest periods make? (48:20)

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