Show Notes Ep. 942 - How Hard You SHOULD Work Out for Best Results

  • Some things never get old…’Your mamma jokes’. (2:28)
  • The importance of ‘rough housing’ with children. (4:45)
  • ‘If you are going to talk crap, you better be able to take it back’. The teaching of important lessons + Mind Pump’s ‘secret sauce’. (10:00)
  • How do you build confidence, when you don’t have it within yourself? (18:40)
  • Going viral…The most used phases on Mind Pump. (24:00)
  • The RIGHT amount of intensity, the overuse of it, how hard you SHOULD work out for best results, becoming an expert at a skill & MORE. (27:28)
  • The problems with the sources of information you are getting. (54:09)
  • Steps you can take NOW to get back on track. (1:00:30)

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