Show Notes Ep. 937 - How to Lose Weight & Get Fit in 2019

  • How the guys of Mind Pump celebrated the New Year: Tahoe foodie adventures, dog d*** pics, the Sal and Jessica show & MORE. (2:11)
  • The crazy surge of people wanting to get back into the gym at the beginning of the year. (21:50)
  • The best strategies to get back in shape in 2019: Why people stop working out, setting challenging yet realistic goals, lifting weights over cardio & MORE. (25:23)
  • Why all food is not created equal. How to lose weight in 2019. (45:44)
  • Challenge to address the things that are not sexy. Do things the fast way or the RIGHT way. (51:15)
  • New Year, new and improved version of MAPS Anabolic. (59:50)

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