Show Notes Ep. 930: Jennifer Cohen Knows How to Get What She Wants

  • Jen the Firecracker! (3:19)
  • How did she get into the fitness space? Her origin story into how fitness became a lifestyle. (4:34)
  • What did she do to attract these prestigious companies wanting her services? (8:00)
  • The evolution of her tenacity. How she got Keanu Reeves on her audition tape. (10:07)
  • How you can mold certain traits into opportunities. Her stint in the music industry. (22:58)
  • Her transition into the corporate fitness space. (30:13)
  • What is her favorite and least favorite celebrity she has trained? (34:18)
  • The more money you have, the less you pay for things. (39:10)
  • From getting burnt out being a Celebrity Trainer to pivoting into a Media Trainer. (44:45)
  • The important lesson of sharing the RIGHT information and thinking long term rather than short term success. (53:54)
  • How small wins equals big change. Was her first book, ‘No Gym Required’, a success? (1:06:19)
  • The message behind ‘Strong is the New Skinny’. (1:08:43)
  • The myth behind having a perfect body and looking at fitness as a way of loving yourself. (1:11:15)
  • How does she manage her kids to eat healthy? (1:20:08)
  • What will her upcoming podcast will be called and be about? (1:25:30)
  • Has she run into Keanu Reeves since? (1:33:25)

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