Show Notes Ep. 929 - How to Work Out On the Road, Why "Warming Up" Works, Best Fitness & Health Books & More

  • Mind Pump SOLD on Pure from Organifi. (5:05)
  • Sal takes his kids out shopping for Jessica. (10:27)
  • Two ships passing in the night. Why Courtney doesn’t listen to the show. (11:43)
  • Why the internet has changed the perception of how companies advertise. (13:08)
  • Zwift, which turns indoor cycling workouts into multiplayer games, raises $120M. Is gamifying the fitness industry a long-term answer? (17:53)
  • The app world is a tough business. (22:39)
  • Will fitness become a cultural trend, children becoming weaker, PRx making waves, the benefits of having equipment at home & MORE. (26:08)
  • How building a network of people can allow you to pivot into other opportunities. The guys talk Body by Jake, Tony Little & MORE. (40:50)
  • The evolution of plate loaded equipment. (44:45)
  • The crazy things the guys would do in the gym for a female’s attention. (53:45)
  • #Quah question #1 – What’s your go to work out plan if you are away on business or vacation? (59:16)
  • #Quah question #2 – Is there something to warming up before a workout? (1:10:43)
  • #Quah question #3 – What books would you recommend to educate oneself on health, fitness and lifestyle? (1:18:53)
  • #Quah question #4-  If you could have one feature from one of the Mind Pump hosts, what would it be? (1:27:28)

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