Show Notes Ep. 927 - Raising Healthy Pets in an Unhealthy World with Victoria Field

  • The fitness connection she shares with Mind Pump. (4:40)
  • What could she do to make a difference in her dog’s life? How she took what she learned from going through her fitness/health journey to her pets. (7:56)
  • How many dogs are in the facility? (11:29)
  • What are they finding through the research at Keto Pet? (13:21)
  • Was Keto Pet an established association before she linked up with them? (14:55)
  • What does a Keto diet for a dog look like? (17:22)
  • Are we seeing a rise in pet cancers? (20:57)
  • Are there common shady practices she sees in the pet food industry? (23:30)
  • Is she getting any veterinary support or push back? (25:00)
  • Are they using fasting with dogs? (27:00)
  • What kinds of antidote and feedback are they getting from people? (29:31)
  • What does the cost look like? (31:05)
  • Are they looking at alternative treatments besides Keto? (32:30)
  • The ground breaking brain cancer research they are finding through pilot studies (35:45)
  • What dog food brands does she recommend/stay away from? (38:45)
  • Is there are target number of ketones they are looking for with the dogs they are treating? (40:30)
  • How do people at home check their dog’s ketone levels? (42:12)
  • What negative effects do they see with animals who have levels over the limit? (43:50)
  • Why every dog’s threshold is different and the importance of testing. (45:17)
  • Do dogs get the ‘Keto flu’ as well? (47:36)
  • What types of services does Keto Pet supply? (48:58)
  • Any tips for people with cats? (50:53)
  • Have they helped enough dogs to see patterns in certain breeds? (51:54)
  • Do they recommend people feed their animal’s organic food? (55:27)
  • Are they finding that their dogs do not want to eat as much on the Keto diet? (56:06)
  • Any changes in mood/energy/anxiety? (57:51)
  • The focus on education and furthering research. (59:53)
  • How are they funded? (1:00:30)
  • Do they recommend an exercise protocol to go along with the Keto diet? (1:01:17)
  • The need to start the conversation around the Keto diet and its overall benefits. (1:01:57)
  • Are there situations where the Keto diet is not a good option for your dog? (1:05:12)
  • Has she changed the way she eats based on the research she has found? (1:07:02)
  • Have they researched dog’s lipid profiles? (1:13:14)
  • How are they spreading the message of Keto Pet and education on how food affects us metabolically? (1:16:10)
  • Her take on the ‘vegan pet movement’? (1:21:18)

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