Show Notes Ep. 922 - John Romano

  • How did he get started in the bodybuilding space? His chance meeting with The Original Guru, Dan Duchaine. (4:06)
  • He openly shares in his time in prison and what got him there. (12:19)
  • Who did he write for initially? (18:57)
  • Did he encounter push back from his articles? The dark side of the bodybuilding world. (21:15)
  • Hustling to Learn. 927:50)
  • The origin story of steroids. (29:40)
  • The evolution of anabolic steroid use in bodybuilding. (31:42)
  • Would he say the ’90s was the ‘death’ of female bodybuilding? (43:20)
  • The genesis of ‘Muscle Worship’ with female bodybuilders. (46:30)
  • What was his connection with Bill Phillips? (51:25)
  • What did Dan go to jail for? (57:00)
  • What is his take on the current state of social media? (58:28)
  • An education of the drug market in Mexico. (1:03:00)
  • Does he believe anabolic steroids should be legal in the US? (1:08:50)
  • What consequences has he suffered from poor lifestyle choices? (1:20:25)
  • Does he still write for publications? (1:22:25)
  • What does he think of the space now? (1:25:41)
  • What does he think of the sport of CrossFit? (1:32:37)
  • How would he cycle off a CrossFit athlete? (1:37:08)
  • What’s the deal with SARMS (Selective androgen receptor modulator)? (1:38:50)

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