Show Notes Ep. 920 - Brendon Ayanbadejo

  • How you do anything is how you do everything. Where did Brendan get his work ethic from? (4:15)
  • The formula to life vs. formula to success. (7:32)
  • What would he say is his greatest weakness? (8:43)
  • The Dog vs. the Pug. Does he fear his kids will grow up without the drive? (9:45)
  • When and how did he get introduced to Orangetheory?  (14:46)
  • What was the learning curve on his first Orangetheory businesses? (19:11)
  • The importance of being the FACE of the business early on. (21:00)
  • What are some of the biggest differences between the locations that were producing more revenue? (21:59)
  • How much money does one need to start a franchise? Typical overhead costs? (23:46)
  • The benefits of being the Area Developer. (27:17)
  • What is his current strategy with acquiring new franchises? (30:36)
  • Is he still throttling down or does he still see ‘a big piece of pie on the table’? (31:37)
  • Does he have any fears they are growing TOO fast? (33:02)
  • How often does he see an owner fail? (35:50)
  • The Great Group Training Trend Debate. (36:30)
  • How much autonomy does an owner/trainer have to “modify” programming in the classes? (54:09)
  • How is OTF getting into HRV and acknowledging new technology? (55:19)
  • The importance of community and learning what is best for your body. (59:25)
  • What does their retention rate look like? (1:02:36)
  • Adam’s two cents to add value to Orangetheory: How they don’t want to be the Starbucks of Fitness. (1:06:30)
  • What would his wife say is his biggest flaw/weakness? Practices he puts in place to be a better man? (1:13:10)
  • How does the success with his business compare to his success with football? (1:17:21)
  • Has he thought about becoming the sounding board for the exit strategy for ex-NFL players? (1:20:18)
  • The lessons learned from one another. (1:23:30)

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