Show Notes Ep. 917 - Joe DeSena

  • Joe the Maniac: Always Doing the Unconventional Things. (5:22)
  • The Unintended Consequences of the Technology Revolution. (9:18)
  • How Long did it Take for him to Get Out of the Red with Spartan? How Much Did He Have to Invest Himself? He Shares Experiences of his Families Business Practices Early on and How You Must Work for What You Get. (10:50)
  • The Challenge of Raising your Kids to Understand the Value of a Dollar, ‘Feel the Pain’ & the Art of Rejection. (21:00)
  • How Happiness Comes from Taking Things Away. (33:40)
  • How We MUST be Reconnected with Ourselves, Others & the Earth. (35:25)
  • The Largest Endurance Competition Sport in the World: Spartan. (36:53)
  • What are the Biggest Challenges He Faces with the Business? (37:43)
  • When did He Piece Together Money didn’t Give Him Quality of Life? (40:45)
  • What has He Found that He will spend some Extra Money on? (43:35)
  • ‘Work Now, for Later’. (50:00)
  • The Order of Importance in his Life. (53:28)
  • Has He ever seen a Gold Bar? (54:45)
  • What is the Biggest Area of Contention between Him and his Wife? (56:05)
  • Larger than Life: Conversation with Jimmy Benz on CTE in Sports, Stories from his Life & MORE. (59:00)
  • People that Answer the Call at Every Time: Joe’s Personal Board of Directors. (1:28:15)
  • Adapting to Your Environment: Hook or be Crook. The Thin Line Between Being Moral and Breaking the Rules. (1:30:00)
  • Rounding Out the Conversation: Joe’s Marriage Advice. (1:40:50)
  • Joe’s Best Piece of Business Advice. (1:42:30)

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