Show Notes Ep. 915 – Training According to Goals, Training as You Age

  • The Dominance of Disney and the Guys Take a Trip Down Memory Lane. (3:49)
  • The Season of Opportunity: Old Things that are Now Cool, Going to the Amusement Park, Going through Phases & MORE. (9:53)
  • NED: To Cure the Anxiety of Your Animals & Potentially MORE. (21:58)
  • The Evolution of Humans in the Context of Modern Life. (28:30)
  • Are the Repercussions of Our Decisions Expanding based on Our Bloated Sense of Ego? (33:48)
  • Mind Pump Recommends Searching. (35:48)
  • China's Chilling 'Social Credit System' Is Straight Out of Dystopian Sci-Fi, And It's Already Switched On. (37:04)
  • Hit with the Kids! The benefits of Smoothie Box. (50:42)
  • The Natural Hierarchy to want to Eat Heavier Food in the Winter. (53:30)
  • Training According to Your Goals, Lifestyle & Age: The Guys Share their Current Regimen, Misconceptions of Motivational Social Media Pages, Finding Balance & MORE. (56:47)

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