Show Notes Ep. 912 – How to Change Your Mental State with Music with CEO of, Daniel Clark

  • The Mind Pump Bump: The Explosion of (3:51)
  • How do they test or measure brain function while playing their music? The differences between monaural and binaural beats. (5:50)
  • What are the most optimal headphones for this experience? (9:42)
  • Where does he see the 300% growth coming from? (10:26)
  • How is their member retention rate? (11:19)
  • Have they faced any resistance or backlash from the Government? (13:56)
  • What is on the horizon and what are they doing to evolve the business? (16:51)
  • How do they use Functional magnetic resonance imaging or functional MRI (fMRI) to add to their music? (21:36)
  • The importance of depth of sound and high fidelity speakers. (22:55)
  • Have they experimented with altering states of mind? (26:19)
  • The increased blood flow to the brain and does “Focus” produce better sex? (27:41)
  • How to brands like Halo compare to theirs? (30:06)
  • Sonic Branding and (33:06)
  • Updates: Funding, Partnerships, and (33:59)
  • Have they had any interest from the medical community for their product? (36:48)
  • Being a science-based company FIRST and how they do things the RIGHT way. (40:00)
  • How do you protect yourself from others not copying their brand? (41:54)
  • Does he see in potential involvement with the entertainment industry? (43:31)
  • What have been the biggest hurdles they have had to overcome as a company? (44:34)
  • Since he has come on board, what has been the most exciting thing he has seen? (46:36)
  • Why is he so driven to help people? (48:11)

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