Show Notes Ep. 897 - The Best Way to Work Out at Home and on the Road

  • The distinct sound to decades in music. (2:35)
  • How most Hollywood stars come from Broadway. (5:00)
  • What is the most “chick-flickish” movie the guys have watched? (6:35)
  • Mind Pump Recommends: Making a Murder Part 2 and Sal/Justin continue selling Adam on their love for The Haunting of Hill House. (7:30)
  • How broken is our prison system? (17:10)
  • The Best Way to Work Out at Home and on the Road. (22:26)
    • The problem with at-home workouts out there. (24:20)
    • Resistant Training focused programming. (28:40)
    • Progressing intensity properly. (30:45)
    • Building stability behind the joints the right way. (33:45)
    • The importance of adding muscular tension. (35:58)
    • Why you should take time away from the gym. (44:02)

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