Show Notes Ep. 890 - The Science of Aesthetics & What Makes People Look Aesthetic


  • Does being sick make you look weaker? (1:22)
  • Would you have listened to Mind Pump when you were 20? (4:18)
  • “It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy.” The caption contest and your audience knowing your brand. (5:03)
  • Memes: The new political cartoon of our time. (6:53)
  • Are their red flags Sal and Justin have seen with their kids and social media? Should adult individuals be held accountable for events in their youth? (10:40)
  • What is MAPS Aesthetic? Who is it for? (16:15)
  • The sculptor: How the program transformed Adam’s body. (20:55)
  • Why volume/frequency play a HUGE role in your body transformation. (24:05)
  • What Makes Someone Look Aesthetic? (27:30)
  • The Science of Aesthetics. (30:05)
  • The greatest lessons learned from training their weaker body parts: The importance of Focus Sessions. (33:00)
  • The Anabolic Bell Curve: The Science behind How you Build Muscle. (37:05)
  • How healing and adapting are COMPLETELY different. (38:50)
  • The trend bodybuilders used to improve their physique. (42:20)
  • MAPS Aesthetic: The PERFECT for your prep. (44:10)
  • The secret sauce behind MAPS programming, how they create their programs and what you need to start MAPS Aesthetic TODAY. (46:00)

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