Show Notes Ep. 887 – The Fastest Growing Sport in the World with NRG Esport Co-Founder Andy Miller

  • Andy’s origin story and the ah-ha moment that introduced him to the world of Esports. (6:14)
  • When did Esports take-off? (13:00)
  • How do you become a professional gamer? (17:28)
  • How being a part of an Esports team is the same as being on a professional sports team. The path to become a pro gamer. (19:22)
  • The secret sauce to the success of gaming: Live Events. (26:40)
  • The evolution of sports and how does Esports play a part. (29:50)
  • Are there different styles of play depending on culture/race? (32:42)
  • A young man’s sport: The importance of correctional exercise and movement to stay optimized. (36:20)
  • Does he see backlash from these kids making so much money so fast? (39:50)
  • Is there a starting 5 in gaming? (42:30)
  • How often are players tweaking their style of play? (44:38)
  • Are there rivalries in gaming? (45:45)
  • What do the analytics show when it comes to gender in gaming? (47:28)
  • Are there markets/brands that are popping up from the growth of Esports? (49:45)
  • Who are the superstars in Esports? (53:03)
  • As an investor, what are the biggest challenges he sees with gaming in terms of growth? Opportunities? (55:00)
  • How to optimize these players bodies to play at their highest level. (59:00)
  • How big will this thing get? (1:04:00)
  • Will virtual reality play a part in gaming? (1:06:20)
  • What was his experience like working under Steve Jobs? (1:08:55)
  • The moment he decided to sell his company to Apple and his selling pitch to Steve Jobs. (1:11:50)
  • Does he have his hands in multiple businesses? (1:19:02)
  • Mind Pump: The exclusive fitness programmers for Esports? (1:22:47)

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