Show Notes Ep. 885 - Shawn Ray

  • The birth of the Mass Monsters: Shawn shares his origin story. (3:25)
  • How the artistry of bodybuilding was lost in the 90s. (9:29)
  • The end of the “beauty of symmetry” in bodybuilding. (11:50)
  • The evolution of the chemistry in bodybuilding. (14:06)
  • When did he make the decision to get into anabolic steroids? (15:48)
  • How you don’t get better with age on steroids. (19:30)
  • The development of the different categories in bodybuilding. (23:10)
  • The Anti-Fitness Idea: The Global Mainstream look of Fitness. (26:20)
  • Did the pharmacology of bodybuilding change and evolve training programs? (27:20)
  • How has social media impacted “being a student of the game?” (30:05)
  • The influx of the “Age of Influencers” at bodybuilding conventions. (34:56)
  • The conspiracy effect of judging in bodybuilding. (37:09)
  • Own Your Shit: Why he is anti-trainer. (41:03)
  • The Puss-ification of Bodybuilding: How the training has changed. (49:07)
  • Why getting away from the gym did wonders for his physique and psyche. (55:01)
  • What does the future of bodybuilding look like? (59:57)
  • Will we see bodybuilding in the Olympics? (1:05:07)
  • What are the biggest risks facing the sport today? (1:06:40)
  • The “Negative Nancy” mentality of Flex Wheeler. (1:10:25)
  • During his career, did he build any lifelong friendships/relationships? Poke fun at? (1:16:28)
  • The fragile ego mindset of bodybuilders. (1:19:10)
  • How his passion drives his actions. (1:24:20)
  • How the Arnold Classic has disrupted the industry and dominated. (1:27:19)
  • Shawn Ray the businessman and storyteller. (1:31:00)
  • Can he see a person and tell if they are on anabolic steroids? (1:40:11)
  • The surprise daughter story explained. (1:47:35)
  • The transition from bodybuilder to dad. Does he find himself protective over his children? (1:54:25)
  • Idiot savant: The Kai Greene story. (1:57:36)
  • Will we ever see another bodybuilder go mainstream? (2:07:02)
  • The appeal/clout of The Rock and other celebrities promoting bodybuilding. (2:14:05)
  • Why he walked away from bodybuilding. (2:17:27)


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