Show Notes Ep. 884 - When Cardio Prevents Muscle Gain, How to Train for Maximum Muscle Separation, Lower Back Protecting Squat & Overhead Press Strategies & MORE

  • Technology has us spoiled. (3:53)
  • The transition when you became attached to the internet. (6:07)
  • Was Sal an easy target growing up with his love for books and reading? (9:45)
  • The misconception of being a “dumb jock.” How we create stereotypes. (13:50)
  • Caption This! Giveaway Winners! (16:53)
  • Fostering an environment of being purpose driven and belief in what you are doing. (18:16)
  • Start with Why and the power of self-improvement through fitness. (23:07)
  • Will you benefit the most pre or post workout from consuming caffeine? (26:28)
  • The benefits of turmeric & Organifi Green Juice to optimize your immune system. (32:00)
  • Many dietary supplements contain unapproved, dangerous ingredients, study finds. (33:50)
  • The dark side of the supplement market. (38:53)
  • #Quah question #1 – Is it better for muscle development to add weight and barely make the prescribed rep range or add no weight but max the rep range for weighted dips and pull-ups? (45:04)
  • #Quah question #2 – Will playing pickup games of basketball tell the body not to build muscle? (54:20)
  • #Quah question #3 – How much lumbar extension is too much when performing a barbell squat or overhead press? (1:00:40)
  • #Quah question #4 – How does one train to achieve muscle separation? (1:08:32)


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