Show Notes Ep. 882 - Melissa Mello on Autism- It's Causes & Treatments

  • Mind Pump Recommends: White Boy Ricky. (3:21)
  • Introducing Melissa Mello: Who is she and what does she do? (4:50)
  • What got her into this field of research? (6:00)
  • Has autism exploded or have people become more aware? (6:31)
  • How do we categorize autism? (8:41)
  • What do we know about the autistic brain? (11:50)
  • Breaking the myths of autism. What causes it? (13:50)
  • Is there a link between poor nutrition/lack of exercise and autism? (17:36)
  • Have there been any evolutionary advantages to having autism? (19:45)
  • How does one treat autism? (21:42)
  • What are the different forms of autism? Spectrums? (23:05)
  • What symptoms can parents look for? (25:11)
  • Are there any tools/objective tests to see if kids are on the spectrum? (27:14)
  • The lessons she has learned working with children with autism. (28:23)
  • Has she had a particular breakthrough recently? (29:36)
  • Are there common mistakes parents make that have autistic children? (32:03)
  • Are we doing a good or bad job treating children with autism? (36:23)
  • What are the biggest roadblocks when it comes to furthering research and treatments? (38:00)
  • What is the hallmark of autism? (39:21)
  • Is there a gut/brain connection when it comes to autism? (42:39)
  • What frustrates her the most and does she have to battle the parents? (44:26)
  • What are the big rocks to address if your child gets diagnosed with autism? (46:15)
  • When the child wants to talk, but can’t. What does that mean? (47:51)
  • How does she deal with failure? (49:04)
  • Does she get emotional connected to the children she treats? (50:48)
  • Her thoughts on labeling things without knowing. (54:40)
  • Knowing what we know now, does she speculate on who may have had autism? (57:10)
  • What potential future research excites her in the field? (1:01:30)
  • Have there been paradigm shattering moments in her career? (1:03:15)
  • Does she find herself closed off from other people after a long day? (1:05:05)
  • Recommendations for websites with quality autism research/information. (1:07:14)
  • Are there symptoms she sees in adult patients? (1:10:27)
  • Favorite books? (1:11:30)

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