Show Notes Ep. 877 - Michael Wood

  • In the culture and mindset of not doing things. (5:47)
  • Dropping all the labels: Does he identify to his political views? (6:49)
  • Being a slave to the system: The ability to make your own decisions in life. (7:47)
  • How professionalism changes in the police force. (11:00)
  • Violence Porn: What started getting him public attention? (13:43)
  • How does police work change your mindset? (18:21)
  • How people are all biology and their experiences. (23:25)
  • Does he find racism in this country? (28:05)
  • Why he wants to investigate WHY a crime was committed, not HOW. (31:48)
  • Experiences for each person: How we start the change. (41:30)
  • What does he see in the different cultures in America? (46:45)
  • Why does the Government try and create tribes? Are we on the right track? (49:50)
  • How being authentic is the future. (52:45)
  • The misrepresentation of Michael Wood. (54:34)
  • His take on #BlackLivesMatter & other issues in this country. (1:01:03)
  • The Prevalence Effect. (1:09:56)
  • How is he supporting himself financially? What is his purpose now? (1:11:59)
  • What are his thoughts on religion? (1:13:58)
  • Does he believe in objective or relative morality? (1:18:04)
  • His next focus or avenue. (1:22:44)
  • Has he had any push back from police officers? (1:23:42)
  • Are all systems flawed? (1:25:45)
  • Is technology the future savior in policing? (1:27:32)
  • Being an activist for police reform: His idea for success. (1:30:23)
  • How close to reality is The Wire? (1:31:18)
  • The next CNN correspondent? (1:33:30)

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