Show Notes Ep. 872 - Dr. Warren Farrell- The Boy Crisis

  • Why one sex is not bad and the other good. (7:12)
  • Why men are the disposable sex. (16:12)
  • How we have trained men to constantly test each other and disconnect from their feelings. (21:19)
  • Why men earn more. (28:40)
  • How men have evolved from human beings to human doers. (32:20)
  • Why you have to do, what you have to do. The male obligation to support their family. (37:30)
  • His thoughts on the movement to dissolve gender roles. (40:25)
  • The ultimate dance: Getting men and women to understand each other. (50:29)
  • Boy’s lives matter. (59:34)
  • What are the consequences of being a child of divorce? (1:02:00)
  • Statistics of children growing up without a father. (1:09:00)
  • Why training children to win, comes with training children to lose. (1:14:50)
  • Is victimhood a result of growing up without a father? (1:16:56)
  • His take on the anti-bullying movement. (1:22:51)
  • “I am women, I have been wronged.” His stance on the Kavanaugh investigation. (1:28:58)
  • Whenever only one sex wins, both sexes lose. (1:34:49)
  • The pivotal movement that got him to switch his stance on the NOW movement. (1:36:53)
  • Why does he feel he gets so much hate? (1:41:33)
  • Can the blame fall on politicians for the victimhood mentality? The gender pay gap. (1:43:40)
  • What issues we will face in the future? (1:46:10)
  • Why it’s not a good definition of power to feel obligated to earn money that someone spends, while we die early. (1:54:15)
  • The value of training the concept of the Male Warrior. (1:59:50)

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