Show Notes Ep. 870 - The Business of Mind Pump- Behind the Scenes with Professor Dominic Morais

  • The State of Mind Pump. (2:03)
  • How does podcasting fit into their revenue stream? (6:05)
  • What lead them to getting a marketing team? (7:10)
  • The importance of “lead magnets” for their business growth. (12:24)
  • The super hero origin story of Mind Pump. (14:50)
  • Wisdom vs. knowledge: Its significance in the rise of the podcast. (19:25)
  • How do they convey the art of credibility to their audience? (22:52)
  • A melting pot of health and fitness people in one spot. The Mind Pump Private Forum and how they curated a “tribe.” (28:19)
  • The watershed moments in their business. (33:00)
  • What markers did they pay attention to early on and do they tailor to their audience? (44:30)
  • The order of operations behind how they package their MAPS Fitness Programs. (48:25)
  • How do they vent sponsors and ultimately choose which ones to work with? (1:01:05)

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