Show Notes Ep. 867 – Ben Greenfield on Anti-Aging, Minimizing Jet Lag, Starting a Supplement Company & MUCH MORE!

  • How we find a little bit of science and abuse the hell out of it. The ways we used to concentrate things to be able to consume. (4:15)
  • The science of CBD and its benefits. (9:40)
  • Would Ben say he has a HIGH tolerance to stimulants? (14:30)
  • Interesting facts on BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) and living your best life. (18:03)
  • What is the process of starting a supplement company, market response and challenges faced so far? Opening the kimono on Kion, his newest venture. (23:30)
  • The importance of relationship capital in all aspects of your business. (41:15)
  • The dangers of identifying with your appearance. (48:10)
  • The importance of building a legacy and the gift of consciousness. (52:10)
  • Science and the Bible. Is there a built in inherent morality? (59:53)
  • What kinds of things do people hire him for? (1:09:21)
  • Strategies to minimize jet lag while traveling. (1:17:34)
  • The newest science in anti-aging and longevity research. (1:28:30)
  • What products/protocols has he tried that he has since then dropped? (1:51:53)
  • Has he experimented with his cholesterol levels? (1:56:38)
  • The significance of consuming the RIGHT minerals into your diet. (2:00:25)
  • Why simply the signal of taste could alter the state of your body. (2:09:03)
  • His reaction to being labeled the “pseudoscience guy”? (2:12:30)
  • Ben’s opinion on the upcoming debates between Layne Norton/Dominic D'Agostino and Chris Kresser/Joel Kahn on the Joe Rogan Podcast. (2:19:18)

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