Show Notes Ep. 865 - Stan Efferding: The World's Strongest Bodybuilder

  • The importance of a checklist and repetitive behavior to succeed. (6:03)
  • When did he realize he had the potential for the strength for bodybuilding? (11:42)
  • What were the paradigm shattering moments he had in the gym? (13:07)
  • How big of a role do genetics play in getting JACKED?! (14:40)
  • When did bodybuilding become a moneymaker for him? (17:01)
  • Has his training methodology and attitude changed since first getting in the game? (19:04)
  • The ingredients/methods behind the infamous Monster Mash. (30:00)
  • The significance of the gut (microbiome) and treating it with respect. (33:24)
  • The science behind sodium/water intake when it comes to contest prep. (39:50)
  • His thoughts/reactions to Phil Heath’s showing at the recent Mr. Olympia. (44:37)
  • Wisdom vs. experience. What are the most common mistakes he sees competitors make? (46:35)
  • Making health priority #1. How rare is he in his space? (1:00:03)
  • Why you cannot compensate sleep, diet, nutrients for a pill. (1:10:50)
  • What does he have to take now to manage his hormone levels? (1:16:29)
  • Have the trends changed in programming then vs. now? The importance of tackling the big rocks first (EAT, SLEEP and TRAIN). (1:17:40)
  • What has he learned about himself and business through his experience? (1:23:56)
  • Why meal prepping and planning is the #1 predictor of success.  (1:29:50)
  • Financially what product is the most successful and which pose the biggest challenge? (1:33:20)
  • His take on the evolution of social media and how it has affected his business. (1:36:03)
  • Why all diets work when they are inherently followed. (1:42:07)
  • Why did he wait to become a father? (1:47:00)
  • “The power of broke” mindset and always giving more than he gets. (1:49:19)
  • How anything you give for free has no perceived value. (1:51:57)
  • What does he do to break his “checklist” style of living? (1:54:00)
  • What is the proudest moment he has had in his career? (1:57:15)
  • How has his relationship with his mom impacted him as an adult? (2:02:54)
  • When you change the “why” you look at things, and the things you look at change. (2:07:48)
  • Stan’s Tip of the Day. (2:11:40)

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