Show Notes Ep. 860 - The Right Way to do HIIT

  • Why sometimes we are compelled to “pick up the bricks.” The constant battle with social media warriors. (1:41)
  • How weak have people become?  The guys go off and discuss the documentary America: The Story of Us. (4:00)
  • The importance of traditions in different cultures. The constant battle with what and how much we feed our loved ones. (8:05)
  • The Right Way to do HIIT. (19:35)
    • Their favorite form of HIIT. (24:40)
    • Eliminate Injury & Pain. The proper intensity to avoid joint pain, muscle dysfunction and injury (28:38)
    • Program Exercise Correctly. How to select the correct exercises, the order and the tempo. (30:45)
    • Adam’s “Bro-Science” Theories. (40:07)
    • It’s Not All About Intensity. Yes HIIT is about intensity, but not to abuse. Learn the right intensity for you. (45:25)
    • How the guy’s bring HIIT into their routines and the value of it. (49:10)

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