Show Notes Ep. 857 - The Secret to a Great Butt

  • What is the gay slang term the guys would fall under? (2:24)
  • Poll: If the guys were to go to a gay bar, who would get hit on the most? (7:11)
  • Out of all the insta-famous fitness celebrities, who will get hurt next? (8:18)
  • What is going on with bodybuilders going to the Middle East and coming back JACKED??!! Is the genetic edge is real thing? (14:20)
  • The difference between helping the general population vs. trying to make a buck. (19:15)
  • Why all Build Your Butt Programs are not all created equal. (22:28)
  • What is their #1 pet peeve they see in the gym? (24:30)
  • The Secret to a Great Butt (27:40)
    • Not doing the right exercises
    • Not lifting heavy
    • Hitting the glutes frequently enough
    • Recruitment patterns (do the exercises correctly)

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