Show Notes Ep. 855 - Flex Wheeler

  • Where did the nickname “Flex” come from? (4:31)
  • The colorful childhood of Flex Wheeler: From growing up poor in a single parent home to being molested at a young age. (7:12)
  • The alter ego he created in his own head. The meaning behind “pulling the trigger.” (11:30
  • The rollercoaster ride of 1994. The event that nearly forced him to seek professional help. (16:38)
  • Does his faith keep the voice in his head quiet? How a light is out on a hill to be seen. (20:50)
  • How money doesn’t always make you happy. (25:50)
  • The metaphor of keeping your house clean to reflect the kind of person you are. (31:45)
  • How did he get into bodybuilding? (34:08)
  • Did he simply breath the weights and grow? (37:58)
  • One of the greatest rivalries: Flex vs. Dorian Yates. (39:55)
  • Who was he most competitive against? Get along with best on/off stage? (46:06)
  • What was the greatest beef he remembers? Fights backstage? (48:43)
  • Communicating with the crowd. Did his martial arts background help him with posing? (51:50)
  • Politics and bodybuilding. (54:12)
  • Steroid use then vs. now. What are the differences he sees? (59:13)
  • How if your not first you're last. (1:05:00)
  • Does having a social media presence guarantee success. Your draw. (1:07:30)
  • Behind the scenes talk about Ronnie Coleman. (1:09:40)
  • Synthol and bodybuilding. (1:18:03)
  • Not all drugs are created equal. How you cut your own backyard. (1:26:45)
  • Going back into deep waters. Why he got back on stage after kidney failure. (1:34:25)
  • The human nature of judging people based on assumption. (1:40:53)
  • How he doesn’t see color only the person. Race relations and a person's right to protest. (1:48:00)
  • You can’t judge a book by its cover. The difficulty/double standard of being a police officer. (2:04:10)
  • Do we have more of a power or race problem?(2:11:50)

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