Show Notes Ep. 850 - How to Fix Back Pain

  • Why the recipe for success is NOT to start a T-shirt or Gym Business. (2:12)
  • How the industry is being forced to innovate due to barriers to entry. (11:27)
  • Why you MUST establish real estate on social media platforms. (15:45)
  • Patience is a virtue. Why the viral effect is not a real thing to aim for. (17:00)
  • Mind Pump keeping it real! (20:23)
  • Whatever can be free, will be free. (24:15)
  • What single factors will he tweak? Sal’s All-Day Workout Experiment: Round 2 & the Benefits of Frequency Training. (26:04)
  • How to Fix Back Pain (39:10)
    • Why pain is the signal, not the problem. (1:00:02)

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