Show Notes Ep. 847 - Max Lugavere of The Genius Life Podcast

  • What would the guys “LGBT” name be? (4:18)
  • The Hugh Hefner of the health world. His dating life and thoughts on open relationships. (6:28)
  • Where do his views on marriage come from? (12:14)
  • Why the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. (15:15)
  • How has the reaction been from health professionals/practitioners since the release of Genius Foods? Had any debates with them? (17:25)
  • His take on Nutritional Psychology. (24:10)
  • What’s the deal with coconut oil? How the dose makes the poison. (30:54)
  • The myths behind saturated fats. (33:40)
  • Is protein the magical macronutrient? (40:00)
  • What has been the strategy behind his podcast? Enjoying the long form format? (45:09)
  • What are the bits of knowledge he has picked up in the last year? Implemented recently into his life? (50:45)
  • Does our cognitive fate fall into our own hands? He talks on his documentary Bread Head. (56:15)
  • What concerns him the most about our future generations? (59:04)
  • How to follow your bliss. (1:03:30)
  • Why we all may have ADD. (1:06:30)
  • The misconceptions behind taking omega 3 supplements? (1:08:28)
  • The differences between grass fed/grain finished vs. grass fed/grass finished? (1:13:10)
  • What are the top things people should AVOID in their diet NOW? (1:14:35)
  • How happy is he right now? (1:19:45)
  • His excitement going into his first Burning Man experience. (1:23:22)

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