Show Notes Ep. 845 - Train & Look Like an Ancient Athlete

  • Caloric deficits, caffeine intake and its effect on your libido. (2:00)
  • The proper way to manipulate your salt and water intake for competitors. (11:30)
  • What are the guy’s go-to meals currently? Contest Update as the final week is here. (14:48)
  • Preferred carbohydrates and how the body responds to them. (17:15)
  • The correct way to carb load. (24:19)
  • Taking a trip down memory lane…The guy’s reminisce on the creation of MAPS Performance. (25:17)
    • The benefits of training and looking like an Ancient Athlete. (29:00)
    • The importance of transverse movement (reactive strength) to overall joint health. (35:55)
    • The misconception of power (explosive strength) and how to maximize yours. (39:00)
    • How the mobility sessions MAKE the program so unique. (42:50)
    • The beginning of Adam’s Mobility Journey and the impact this program had on his overall life. (47:09)

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