Show Notes Ep. 842 - The Steve Jobs of Fitness- Mark Mastrov

  • Creating rock stars from the ground up. (9:05)
  • How did he figure out how to turn gyms into a successful business model? (10:07)
  • When did EFT come into effect? How important is it NOW to be successful? (14:35)
  • What was the scaling process like? (18:55)
  • When did the partnership with Nautilus begin? The story of how 24 got their name. (20:35)
  • What were the growing pains like scaling from 1 gym to multiple? (22:30)
  • From a verbal agreement, to dropping bombs. How did the merger happen between 24 Nautilus and Ray Wilson Family Fitness? (24:13)
  • What is it like to merge company cultures? (27:50)
  • Walking billboards. How did he have the foresight to create the personal training model? (30:45)
  • How his mantra “If everyone is doing well, I’m doing well” was the key to his success. (33:00)
  • Sal reflects on his first meeting with Mark. (35:00)
  • The Steve Jobs of Fitness. How he developed the culture through his leadership and created the saying “bleed purple” with his employees. (37:20)
  • The transition from his reign to the Carl Liebert era. (40:15)
  • What is his take on the Costco Model? The importance of price point and is having the cheapest membership the best way to go. (51:00)
  • His take on CrossFit and comparison to Curves. (54:00)
  • Why you always keep your enemies close. The TRUE STORY on his exit from 24 Hour Fitness. (55:20)
  • The importance of leadership and culture to create customers for life. (1:02:00)
  • How satisfying is it to be competing with 24 Hour Fitness now? (1:04:40)
  • What is the strategy now behind his umbrella of fitness gyms? (1:06:43)
  • What drives him to continue to grow and expand? (1:12:43)
  • What are the strongest bonds/relationships that have had the biggest impact on his career? (1:16:05)
  • Where does he see the biggest growth opportunities now? (1:18:25)
  • His take on nutrition and its impact on his life. (1:21:00)
  • What is his take on social media as a marketing platform? (1:23:45)
  • Mark Mastrov, Owner of Sacramento Kings. (1:28:25)

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