Show Notes Ep. 840 - How to Lose Fat

  • What will Mind Pump look like when they get older? (2:29)
  • Who is winning so far? Update on the Mind Pump 6 Week Fitness Challenge. (8:25)
  • If someone was to lose, what would be the reason why? (13:30)
  • The difference between hunger vs. a craving and how to use it as motivation to switch your thought process. (15:54)
  • Is obesity a form of child abuse? (26:30)
  • How we identify with the food we eat. (30:00)
  • How to Lose Fat the RIGHT Way & Build up Your Metabolism. (31:10)
    • What are the best fat loss exercises? (42:25)
    • Why you should treat your weight training routine as a skill. (47:10)

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